I Breathe. I Sing.

Samantha has a passion and drive to write, sing and share her creations with others, hoping they will connect with emotions that they find difficult to express. She deftly weaves melody, music and words, telling stories of love, pain, and discovery with fresh perspective and creativity, rarely seen in such a young artist.


Press Play

Song of Praise


“Wow! So good! Amazing production quality! Beautiful voice, unique style, raw emotional quality & maturity with the right touch of drama and teenage angst.  The effects are varied, complex and dynamic without detracting or smothering her authentic vocals.  I like the layered harmonies, instrumental contrast, sound variation, and the way songs build and breathe. So many cool layers! Love the vinyl static in Falling to Pieces and Calypso. And slightly haunting Spanish sounding guitar in Ok.  The sparse percussion is well placed throughout and lets the album develop as a sort of vocal festival."

-Brad Carpenter

Upcoming Releases

Any Longer


"In a whole portfolio of song-style compositions, her work displayed exceptional craftsmanship, especially in consideration of her young age. It is not merely that her invented lyrics and writing for voice showed such a high level of invention.  The structuring of the material, too, the rate at which things underwent medication or change:  all these factors showed a level of maturity not even seen in all of our graduates after years of instruction. Her handling of the instrumental accompaniments, also, was deft, original and beyond reproach.”

-Jeremy Haladyna 


Samantha Leigh grew up with two musical parents who shared their love for music from the day she was born. By the time she was 18 months old, she could sing over 50 songs. Her parents had her start preforming at a young age, which has helped her develop the relaxed preforming skills she has today. Her passion for writing came later, a result of hereditary creativity, along with the time she spent sitting on a piano bench with her mother from a young age watching her write and sing heartfelt music. Now she has developed her own unique music and is going to UCSB for Music Composition to develop her skill even further.



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